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Natom is a unique tool used to explain and annotate a pathology, a malformation, an intervention. Our interactive anatomical software is broken down into versions for general practitioners, kinesitherapists, chiropodists, nurses and education field. Distribution K is a company specialized in the distribution of software related to the health care field. In addition to providing its suppliers with all the distribution resources, Distribution K goes further by getting involved in the application of the products to the targeted markets. We are a Canadian company that serves the North American market.


Drula Acne Treatment
Since 1925, we have been assisting individuals from the ages of 12 and up with facial cleansers, acne treatments, skin bleaching and vitiligo most recently as well as anti wrinkle creams. Our skin care products incorporate such areas as vitiligo creams and skin bleaching treatments. Vitiligo and acne problems can have an effect on individual's self-esteem. Our acne treatments, facial cleansers and skin bleaching products respond to clients who request a high-end product for these skin issues.

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