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USA Visa (US Immigration Visas)

This Canadian Company offers flat fees solutions and is specialized in these American Visas for workers: B1 Visa (for those who want to attend conferences or meetings, to work onsite for a contract, for a special training or to negociate contracts), H1B Visa (graduated people who got a job offered by a US employer), H2B Visa (skilled or unskilled workers looking for seasonal jobs in USA), TN Visa (only for Canadian and Mexican citizens looking for a job designated under NAFTA), L1A Visa and L1B Visa (for staff transfers inside a multinational company), E2 Visa (for foreign investors in USA), O1 Visa (quality workers for example in sciences, arts or athletes), P1 Visa (internationally recognized athletes or entertainers), EB Visa (Green Card for workers who already have a job in US). Also, Visa Family Petition (Permanent Residency Green Card) for relatives (i.e. spouses, fiances, children under 21 or other relatives). This company can also assist you for the obtention of a Waiver Visa (for those who have a criminal record).

Global Transit also offers cross-border processing and money back guarantee.

USA Visas for Canadian Workers


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