Packaging Air Conveyors - Canadian manufacturer of automation machines for the bottling and food industry.
Bottling air conveyor
Design of custom machines conveying and filling empty bottles with unstable bases, soft bodies or fastened neck rings like plastic ketchup, peanut butter or energy drink recipients (models HDPE, PP, LDPE or PET, meaning 2-piece bottles). Our automation machines reduce down to 0.1% time the possibility of an air conveyor jam and accelerate the overall speed of the filling lines as well.

The problem when packaging plastic bottles comes from the fact that the gravity point is too high (about 10% over the mid-part of the recipient) and that the weight of the cap excedes the weight of the molded base. So, instead of moving the items on a carpet, an uptight vertical conveyor is used in order to stabilize the product by the neck, which is using hat fixtures. The coefficient of friction (the actual resistance of the plastic material sliding along the fixed parts of the machine) is maintained low by the addition of a membrane made from polyethylene. Il attows to keep the brand-new look of the bottles by eliminating scratches all over their surface that could be produced by a frictional contact. At the end of the chain process, the hats grab the bottles and lift them to the delivery racks, getting them ready to be carried to the transportation decks.

Why do we call them "air conveyors"? Because the bottles are not carried through a wheel mechanism but blowed by an air flow named "a louvered plenum" (meaning steady variations between high and low air pressure). Then, you can expect a high velocity speed over 5 meters/second of displacement by in the filling tunnel (or 18 kph).

Pros :

- Pumps consume less electricity than a classical conveyor
- No expensive motorized bearings to replace
- No lubricant, so an eco-friendly alternative
- Less mechanics on site, making your factory saving on labor costs
- Significantly reduce (up to 99%) the number of bottling jams

Cons :

- Can't lift charges exceeding 3 or 4 pounds
- The air pumps are noisy, forcing employees to wear ear protectors
- The bottling chain needs larger room to operate (up to 100%)
- Hepa filtration attached to the air conveyor : forces your factory to use an heavy-duty air filtration system to eliminate particles in the air. Otherwise, microscopic dust particles moving at high speend might damage your units as well as causing a malfunction to the machinery.

Air conveyor for drink packaging

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