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When you reserve a crewed chartered sailboat with Vathos Sailing, you buy a ticket for one of a kind experience. Departing from Fiscardo (our based is located at the North of Kefalonia Island in the Ionian Sea), we offer daily private tours which allow you to explore the forsaken beaches, secret coves, snorkeling spots with pristine water, and marine life of the legendary Ithaca Island. Booking available for groups up to 6 guests.

Sailboat Charter Day Trip Fiscardo

Are you travelling on a limited budget? We offer an affordable option to sail the Ionian Sea at a fraction of the price compared to a 3-day or 7-day cruise. You can book a memorable 8-hour cruise that will make you see a lot.

Our second sailing tour deal is offered as a 4-hour cruise that will end just in time for a sunset that will treat you with an amazing spectrum of colours. Enjoy the skyline of Fiscardo, a beautiful coastal village glistening in the night where our fleet of vessels is anchored all year long.

The two sailing tours include bottles of water, sodas, beers, glasses of wine, snacks, life jackets, sunscreen protection, free WiFi at all times and quality snorkelling equipment. You are also invited to take a fresh shower onboard after a swim. What you need to bring is just a beach towel and... your swimwear!

That part of the Ionian sea is a calm place during summer season. You will take advantage on a smooth sailing aboard, gentle winds, and a maintained and very comfortable sailboat as well. Seasickness is extremely rare on our 8-hours and 4-hour cruises and you definitely don't need any previous experience on a keelboat to enjoy the adventure.

The itinerary can be customized to your personal preferences. You don't want to snorkel and just want to feel the breeze and take pictures? Our experienced skippers make sure to provide you with the exact experience you are looking for within the day trip package.

Our main goal is to create unforgettable sailing memories, pictures and videos that you like to share with your friends and family.

We also believe that Ithaca is surrounded by some of the most spectacular snorkelling spots in the world. The best way to reach those diving spots is to use a sailboat.

Booking a sailboat tour in Fiscardo is a perfect romantic getaway for couples looking for a magic backdrop and cherishable moment for themselves. Our guests witness an enchanting decor, a peace of mind, and a magical transition at sea that occurs when we leave the anchorage to head to Ithaca and the wind yields to the tranquility brought by the unique winds of the Greek Ionian Sea.

Our daily guarantee : a beautiful boat, a professional skipper, wonderful scenery, and a short but truly magical sailing trip. If you are wandering in the area right now and looking for something than a typical tourist attraction, don't hesitate to book your tour. Our crew is honoured to make you discover iconic sea landmarks.

Sunset Kefalonia Greece Sailboat Deck


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Sailing Adventures on Kefalonia Island

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