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Stakeholder Software at a glance - Connect, inspire and engage your people en entities. A state of the art software for building online communities that move and mobilize stakeholders. Start a free personnalized trial now and automatize/record/track your project tasks. Community, freelance professionals, consultants, leaders, employees and government engagement through streamline efficiencies. The result? A quick boost of productivity + involvement. Helps your organization to avoid expensive and useless mistakes as well as saving hours of researchs, negociations and assets waste. The best way to manage and consolidate issues, attitudes and interests.
Stakeholder MultiScreen Software

A stakeholder engagement application also simplifies public consultations while every invited entity can connect to the main console and consult details, reports or studies in order to track the progress of a project. By doing that, you required less paid man-hours because there are fewer needed interactions on a daily basis.

Estimate the scope of the project and level or engagement, define lifecycles, establish a budget schedule, measure risks and reconcile work and resource levels in order to obtain a better plan commitment.

We also deserve the markets of Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica and Guatemala with a 100% Spanish Software Participación Proyectos (herramientas & gestión + información partes interesadas). Try our new mapeo stakeholder/actores programas.

Stakeholder proyecto software


Evaluate, plan, report and report in real time each interaction and relevant data that has a significant impact on any stakeholder aiming to resolve problems.

Coordinate events and track the level of commitment of everyone concerned by the evolution of the project. Auto-assign tasks, work orders, invoices/costs and required reports for banks, governments, municipalities, environnemental organisms, supporters, sponsors, media, lobbyists and more. The level of collaboration is technically optimized by an instant access to functions like cross referencing, automatic data mining, enriched data analytics, transparency and imputabilities. In other words : everybody is on the same page.

Why a cloud stakeholder software? Because your organization is then no longer exposed to a server power failure or sabotage. It also centralizes your apps and data in a safe, professionally hosted and managed database available all around the world and connected to a military-grade encrypted firewall tracking and stopping unautorized access.

Benefits :

1. Eliminates daily or weekly manual updates

2. Reduces up to 99% the expenses related to printed and delivered documents

3. Disperse your stakeholders around the continent

4. Higher level of accountability for any member of the active troops (identify negative leaders)

5. Connect together people belonging to different social classes

6. Identify project oponents and detractors in a matter of hours

7. Use grievances in a positive and collaborative manner

Cloud Stakeholder App for iPhone (Safari) or Samsung (Android) - 10 day trial, easy interface, plenty of available training documents, no one time set-up fee, scalability reports and highly customizable computerized functions (multichannelling) in order to fulfill professionals or representatives belonging to various fields like elected politicians, line managers, groups of interests, HR managers, subcontractors, bankers, CEOs, project managers and more.


Instant access to your data and documents from anywhere + share project reports. No matter what sort of project you are working on, it is important to keep everyone in the loop. This includes the other people working on the project, stakeholders, and even upper management who need this info to make important decisions. If your project teams are like most, then chances are good that they spend a lot of time on the internet as it is. A good web-based project management tool simply allows them to collaborate more efficiently. Having the most accurate and up-to-date information is crucial in today's world. Even being a few hours behind could cost you thousands of dollars and wasting time and resources. When team members have access to real-time reporting via a project stakeholder engagement software, they cannot only get the latest update, but they can input it too. Knowledge repository and relevant snapshots : all project artifacts in one place. Whereas standard tools only provide individuals with the ability to view information, today's online stakeholder management apps give teammate the ability to work with one another in real time. The integrated technology is especially nice for those who work with virtual teams, as they allow professionals, staff and managers to communicate as often as necessary. Finally, there are often times when you need to bring in someone new to a projet during the process. Getting them up to speed on what has happenned so far can be time-consuming. Fortunately, our project stakeholder management software allows you to show these individuals completely detailed snapshots.

Smartphone stakeholder engagement application


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