Dust Collectors - We use electrostatic precipitators and wet scrubbers with high-end filter cartdriges and industrial baghouses to collect your dusts.
Dust collectors brands

Cyclone & Portable Industrial Dust Collectors Filters Cartridges Baghouses ...

Walk in Plenum Torit Vibra Shal Downdraft Bench Ambient Air Tubesheet Torit Bin Vent Weld Fume

Dalamatic Unimaster IRD Prekote

Torit - Power Pact Clean Air Outlet Welded or flange type construction / Cabinet Case Helical baffle Inner Cylinder Dirty-air inlet - ​​Cabinet Base ​​Hopper Base ​Two-Drum Style 55-Gallon Drum Base (optional)​Surge Hopper (optional)

Cyclone dust collector model

Pneumafil filters and baghouses / tanks / tubes


Carter Day



Chicago blower


Dura-Life PJ Aramid Singed Bags Copper Ground Polyester Glazed Tetratex

Air Cure - Minesota

Scientific Dust Collectors - Cylindrical filter bags

Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions - Flex-Kleen

Dentech Inc -

Vector Technologies -
Dust collector for truck mounting

Abrasive Blasting Equipment
Activated Carbon Filter Changeouts
Asbestos Remediation
Bin Loading/Unloading
Black Mold Remediation
Blast Rooms
Boiler Vacuums
Bridge and Water Tower Painters
Bulk Loading/Unloading
Bulk Material Handling
Car Washes

Truck dust collector

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Systems
Trailer and Truck Mounted Vacuums
Portable Industrial Vacuums
Skid Mounted Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Systems
Vacuums for Truck Mounting
Dust Collector and Classifier Systems
Ross Cook™ Brand Vacuums
Cyclone Separators, Baghouses, etc.
Vacuum Hose, Tools and Spare Parts
Tubing and Fittings for Central Vacuums
Used Trailer Mounted Industrial Vacuum Loaders
GSA Advantage Products

Hydrovac mobile

Daylighter Serie / Hydrovacs / Slurryvacs
Industrial WD skid mounted with filter.
VecLoader Spartan
VecLoader Spartan
Neptune Jetter Combination Municipal Sewer Cleaning

Vac-U-Max Belleville

Schuler Dust Collectors Baghouses
Custom dust bags

Control room for remote surveillance and distant calibration process
Dust collectors control room

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