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INSTALL - Underlayment and Subfloors
Floor covering
The importance of underlayments can't be stressed enough, regardless of the type of floor you are using. Underlayments are different from subfloors. ... Hardboards Particleboards OSB Plywood Rebond Carpet and Frothed Foam.

Adhesive membranes and paddings

Wood floor planks


1/8'' to 2/3' inch thickness supporting heavy material without compressing on itself. Provided with a thermal resistance level of 0.040 KW in order to contribute keeping the heat produced by the furnace in your house for energy saving.
Footfall sound insulation

HOMETIME HOW TO, Ceramic Tile - Floor Underlayment
Tile underlayment
A strong underlayment is the most important part of the tile installation. There are several options for achieving a sturdy floor underlayment or wall layout as well as countertop grouting tiles.... ..

HOMETIME HOW TO, Flooring - Floating Floors
There is always a thin foam underlayment to cushion the planks and keep them from ... Initially the underlayment came on a roll and was spread out prior to ...

Underlayment for Floors
Underlayment pricing Underlayments are crucial to the success of the flooring on top of it.

Multiply Underlayment
Underlayment store
Multiply Plywood underlayment - technical information for distributors and installers of subfloors.

Canadian Plywood Association - Plywood Underlayment
Select or Select-Tight Face grades of 7.5 mm (5/16") or 9.5 mm (3/8")plywood, or special underlayment panels made by several CANPLY members, are recommended ...

Laminate Flooring Underlayment Manufacturer_Wood, Engineered ...
Acoustic underlay product
Solid Sound premium laminate flooring underlayment is specifically engineered and designed to meet IIC and STC standards. Condo and homer owners association ... Super acoustic XLPE XLPP strong sound ratings based on tests results.

UMass Amherst: Building and Construction Technology » Wood ...
Proper Selection and Installation of Underlayment Material Paves the Way for Durable and ... Resilient floor coverings demand a lot from underlayments. ...

Gypsum underlayment, Floor Underlayment, green underlayment, sound ...
Sound Control Mats
Maxxon, The Floor Specialists, are recognized worldwide as the pioneer in floor underlayment technologies. Product line includes: Gyp-Crete, Gyp-Crete 2000, ...

Synthetic roof underlayments are made from polypropylene, polyester, or fiberglass fabric which weighs less than felt building paper, manufactured with elegant and lasting subfloor models. Grade level from moisture below grade. Needs to be approved by the EWA (Engineered Wood Association). IIC rating to verify the isolation against impact or structure-borne noise produced by tenants and actual people living a day to day life.

The substrate is a dry surface manufactured to welcome resilient hardwood or concrete floor covering ...

Glueless ceramic planks ranges for any flooring type for the residential industry. Works when it comes to soundproof laminate and hardwood floors properly.


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