Benefits Accounting Software for Real Estate in 2023

Benefits Accounting Software Real Estate in 2024

Common vs. Specialized Discover the real benefits of an accounting software ACTUALLY MADE for real estate businesses and brokerages.

Constellation1 Accounting Software Real Estate

We help freelance real estate agents, real estate office managers, brokerages and franchises to track their expenses and income with unique real estate industry specific features ranging from commission management to ACH payments, third parties and referral tracking, recurring invoices, security deposits management, and more. Constellation1 accounting software is an intuitive and an easy-to-use back office solution for the real estate industry.


List of benefits of an accounting software made for real estate businesses in the USA :

- Save time on ... setup time!

- Track the state of bank/trust security deposits in real time

- Calculate commissions and split commissions with no error

- Reduce the likelihood of being audited by the IRA, banks and other institutions

- Never miss a tax deadline with integrated alarms

- Keep exhaustive customer list in a database

- Archive original MLS property listings on the long term

- Budget your expenses, costs and fees

- Pre-fill 1099 e-filings (forms)

- Collect rents, commissions and sales payments using e-pay, bank wire, etc.

- Get deep financial reports analysis with spot checks + key elements

- Scan cheques and store them in a secure container

- Automate payroll and staff salary deposits every month

- Integrate e-signature apps to get electronic signatures for contracts and legally binding online payments

- Make possible to process cash payments

- Make document management limitless

- Add interests to late fees, payments and commissions

- Get quick bank reconciliations

- Connect core operations inside your organization, whatever its size and number of employees and real estate agents

- Avoid having your financial and transaction data siloed among different departments

- Increase efficiency of the bookkeeping tasks

- Eliminate duplicate contents, data and tasks

- Measure your real estate office performance (absenteeism, involvement, productivity of your stakeholders)

- Scale growth and get critical information about opportunities, processes, accountability and effective recovery in case of underperformance

- Improve communication and relationships among house and remote stakeholders with providing easy to access and clear insights

- Accelerate manual sync, uploads and sharing of spreadsheets

- Pay all outstanding invoices with just a SINGLE Click of a button and keep suppliers and partners happy

- Stop managing accounting challenges in separate places and stop at the same time any kind of toxic information retention

- Keep an eye on risky/riskier accounting practices with automatic alerts

- Focus on strategic decisions and high-value thinking instead of spending energy on tedious and frustrating tasks

- Unify all documents, financial data, invoices and guidelines in one place

- Rely on your software to reduce stress among staffers and help them to avoid human mistakes

- Extract data from previous years stored on Quickbooks, FreshBooks, Xero and other classic solutions you may have used in the past

- Enjoy the secure backup of a cloud-based software with bank grade encryption

- Convert printed and digital documents into various formats such PDF, Photoshop PSD, Word, Excel, etc. that will work on older/newer Windows and Apple computers and OS

Accounting Software Real Estate Listing

Complete accounting software to streamline your daily operations. Get a free product tour. General ledger. 100% cloud platform. Subsidiary management. Helps your brokerage to immediately manage contacts, create invoices, automate payment reminders and track payments collection.

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Real Estate Accounting Software for USA Market

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