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Because their results come from a team of award winning, experienced and/or real estate agents that specialize only in a few targeted neighbourhoods. They help selling a house or a condo every hour and have a proven track record about saving time to buyers by not posting overpriced properties (home evaluation is based on comparable market analysis and a full access to a huge real-time database) and/or misleading descriptions or pictures. What you see is what you get after requesting a showing. That team approach is to give priority to real estate agents who solely focus on one neighbourhood of expertise. In other words, agents who are real local real estate market specialists.

Bright MLS also offers detailed listings which include 360° virtual visits (called virtual open houses), in-depth community information, evaluation tools, walking and driving scores, testimonials, home staging, twilight quality photography, HD or 4K videos (interior tours), aerial videography and drone photography that help future owners to explore their future property and neighbourhood from different points of view.

1. Top Rated Photos

This platform makes sure to carefully select the best possible photos made by genuine real estate photographers and that accurately describe each property. These photos are reviewed by human editors that make sure they all meet the highest standards before being posted online and that's why a growing number of potential home buyers trust Bright MSL. Fact is a lot of competitors still rely on cheap pictures taken by the seller himself. Not only those pictures are poor quality (lack of light, low resolution, etc.) but their perspective prevents online visitors from fully understanding the property. High quality, abundant and detailed photos allow visitors to make a decision quickly if a property is what they are looking for or not. So, they will be less inclined to waste their time and homeowner's as well.

2. Video Tours

The big trend in the years 2020s is the popularity of video tours. It is known that a potential buyer spends at least 12 hours visiting homes for sale online BEFORE finally contacting a real estate agent to get an actual showing. The better a home is displayed online, the better you can make a decision about if you want a showing. A high definition and professional video that lasts for more than 3 minutes might be an incredible asset to serious buyers looking for a home that fulfills their needs and dreams.

3. Aerial View

Whether the seller is using photos or videos, drones safety and efficiently operated by a real estate specialists will provide buyers with a detailed look of the property and its neighbourhood (other properties, parks, streets, proximity stores, schools, ponds, bus stations, taxi stands, etc.). It may even help people to estimate noise by spotting various features like car traffic, train rails, stores, light industrial building and more.

Drone View Houses for Sale Washington DC

4. Leading SEO & Online Marketing

With over 80.000 active real estate agents every month and over 500.000 homes for sale, Bright MLS generates millions of visits and relies on a team of digital marketing experts that work 24h and 7 days a week funnelling traffic from hundreds of traffic sources ranging from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest, Flickr, Quora, Youtube, Instagram and more.

5. Super Fast Website and Hosting Technology

Listings are managed by a state-of-the art web platform that loads properties at an incredible speed that make sure impatient visitors won't leave. Mixing advanced APIs, BoostrapCND, light AJAX libraries, super fast response CSS media queries (CSS3), HTML5, masked inputs, Modernizr statistics, SmartAdServer technology, sophisticated photo optimization that doesn't compromise visual quality, and more... Bright MLS allows the best experience and multiple tabs. It actually runs faster than a gaming computer.

6. Luxury Homes

This website also offers a huge portfolio showcasing thousands of mansions, prestige homes and other $1.000.000+ residential properties scattered around Washing DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, Philadelphia, Princeton (New Jersey), Cherry Hill, etc. Their main advantage compared to other generic real estate websites is that they rely on real estate agents that have special training and knowledge when it comes to buy and sell luxury homes (most have the CLHMS certification which stands for Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist) and/or are members of the Guild CLHMS. So, while a typical agent will have the opportunity (once in a while) to put a luxury property on the market, there are other agents that are full-time specialists used to deal with wealthy buyers and to meet their specific expectations.

7. Real Estate for Senior Buyers

Are you over 60 or even 75 years old? You can find plenty of SRES® registered real estate agents that can help you a house or a condo at an affordable price. They can find places where people under 55 years old are not allowed to live in quiet neighbourhoods. They can also help you to sell your current home, refinance it and/or relocate you.

Senior Houses for Sale Washington DC

8. Just in Time Homes for Sale

By registering to Bright MLS you enjoy an immediate access to the "Coming Soon Listings" for free while dozens are competitors require a membership fee, The advantage for you is to view homes for sale (and pre-schedule a showing) before they hit the market for good. So, if you find frustrating that a lot of interesting houses and condos seem to be always SOLD, this feature might you beat the market. You can receive a private alert whenever a real estate agent uploads a coming soon property as well and be the first to see it by clicking on the link.


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