Dust collectors rental for the woodworking or paper industry : When it comes to dust collectors you just can't operate them without that extra part that changes everything : the abort damper (also called the abort gate).

Custom dampers for dust collectors in Canada

This particular device is designed in order to prevent fires and/or explosions originating from the hot particles sparking in the channelling of the dust collecting flow. It keeps your workers safe in factories or outdoor work sites. When you turn the blower off, some re-entrainment may occur and starts a fire and produces a lot of toxic smoke as well while the ductwork is now releasing the fumes through the wide open sockets.

You can also install extra aluminum capture arms and you orientate them the closer you can to the source of the dust. Each hose is 8 inches diameter and 5 feet long. They are equiped with a rotary airlock engine (10HP) that has 3 different flow speeds depending on the volume and weight of the load to collect. The tubes are 100% air seal and the machine has its own spark extinction system that constantly manages the pressure level, the internal heat and checks for incoming potential short circuits. A trickle valve prevents the filters from being overloaded and to jam while the reverse pulse filter is working, complying to the NFPA and OSHA standards in USA and Canada.

Capture arms for dust collectors in the wood industry

Works well with any abrasive particle and is sealed to prevent dust and fume leakage when the dust collector is working at its full capacity.

The abort dampers are mostly used to diver the flames, burning fumes and combustion gases that are produced un the canister during the extraction process (especially when a portable/mobile/light dust collector is involved). Every electronic gate is equiped with a sensitive spark probe detector and 2 of the them are mounted (1 at the upstream, 1 at the downstream) immediately after the electric or diesel fueled heavy duty fan and the ignition sources. Several manufacturers offer models like Donaldson Flamex Fenwal Protection Systems Nilfisk Alto Niagara and FilterSense. They also manufacture optional parts like hood extensions for discharge units and external electronic surveillance panels for passive industrial dust collector platforms.

When you add a backdraft abort damper, you take full benefits for a passive isolation add-on that is available for sale at an affordable price (under 1500$) for industrial needs. It will also act as a sound deadening product because it prevents any deflagration noise propagating in the enclosed areas where your workers are. It might reduce the ambient noise level from 20 to 50% because the coating is made of insulating rubber reinforced with steel steels. Recycling the air is easier if combined to a kit of filters compliant to the NFPA Code 664 regulations. You eliminate the possibility of an explosion releasing harmful dusts in the atmosphere.

Abort damper for the welding industry

Keep expelling the bad fumes and unwanted particles towards the baghouse assembled over the horizontal duct. The best abort position is when the operating light is full green, so the damping is a good alternative to manual blast cleaning gates using pneumatic coupled with solenoid activated carbon + thick lexa plates. The dump valve pump is integrated with the kit and provides a thermal actuator with axial/radial ventilation silencers (fireproof).

Components and suction boxes are made of pvc, cpvc, polypropylene, kynar, halar and teflon because those materials are known for their non-abrasive qualities and can be mounted/molded without the use of screws or nails. They can be glued down in case of a permanent installation in your factory, milling building, asphalt industry or recycling facilities.

Above the structure is a fixed ladder and a railway + access platform and hopper outlet.

Flexible drum sleeves are also available for Type B Dust Collectors with shaker cleaning arrangement (needs a tefc motor and polyester filters casts with rubber rings.

Dust collector aluminum pipes

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Abort Dampers Parts and Blast Protection

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